Adams County Search and Rescue Group

About Rampart Search and Rescue

Founded in 1997, Rampart Search and Rescue is an organization of highly skilled search and rescue professionals capable of providing effective response to numerous emergencies, disasters and public safety incidents.


We specialize in searching for missing persons, stranded motorists, disaster assistance, K9 search, Drones with FLIR, Urban-Rual-Wilderness Search and Rescue and monitoring hazardous weather events. Our Dive team is available for recovery and evidence searches. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Our 40+ member strong team provides search and rescue resources to Adams and Lincoln counties, in Colorado; a total population of 525,000 over 5000 square miles covering two counties. Rampart Search and Rescue operates under the supervision of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, by statutory authority and provides search and rescue resources locally, out of county and out of state when requested.


We are dedicated to saving and protecting lives through search, rescue and safety education. We strive to prevent search-related emergencies through awareness education and community outreach, serving in a variety of roles while working towards a single goal – to save and protect lives.





Fun Fact: The Rampart Range is located in Douglas, El Paso and Teller counties in Colorado. Rampart Search and Rescue has nothing to do with these counties or areas. The name Rampart comes from the NBC TV '70's show "Emergency!". Rampart was the name of the hospital on the show.