Adams County Search and Rescue Group

Rampart Search and Rescue is a 60+ member strong search and rescue resource for Adams and Lincoln counties of Colorado. Operating under the authority of the Adams County Sheriff's Office, we provide search and rescue resources locally, out of county and out of state when requested.


Rampart relies heavily upon the generous contributions of the community to fulfill its mission of saving lives through rescue and public safety education. We’d like to thank all of the individuals that have contributed over the years and offer a special acknowledgment to those who help Rampart perform its mission and help to keep search and rescue free of charge to all those who need it.

Highly Trained and Ready to Respond

All team members train year round in maps, GPS , communications, first aid, evidence preservation, and search and rescue operations. When called out each member of the team responds to the search area with their equipment, first aid supplies and two-way radios. Members may specialize in specific equipment and resources that are needed for the situation at hand.

Some of our Services

  • Urban / Rual / Wilderness Search and Rescue
  • FEMA Type 2 SAR Team
  • K9 Dogs - Scent, Cadaver
  • Dive Team
  • Communication Continuity Plan
  • I-70 East Corridor all hazards response
  • 4x4 Response Team
  • Local event support (medical/safety)
  • Public safety training

Public Outreach

During the year, RSAR participates in numerous activities within the community.  These events provide an opportunity to interact with the communities we serve, build partnerships with local law enforcement agencies, and expand our footprint. If you are an event organizer and are  looking for a public safety group to represent, or you are in need of safety or medical or communications assistance at an event, please contact us. We do not charge for our services, we are here to serve our communities.

Lectures, Trainings and Talks

Rampart Search and Rescue holds many trainings and lectures which are open to the public. We also provide individualized and topic specific lectures concerning public safety topics including hazard mitigation and awareness to any interested group, business or school. Contact us with your specific needs or questions. We do not charge for our services, we are here to serve our communities.

Be a Hero!

Our members are willing to leave their families, their jobs and there personal safety behind at a moments notice. We do it voluntarily, we do it with out question, any time of the year, day or night, sometimes in the most extreme conditions manageable.  Rampart Search and Rescue is here to help, will you....? Please show your support by clicking the link below.

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