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Rampart search and rescue was donated this gorges 1997 Wheeled Coach ambulance this past summer from a local Fire Department. We found out this unit needed some work to make it reliable when starting. In doing so, the cost came back from the dealer at a $5,813.39. Now the dealership O'Meara FORD will help us out some by lowering the total cost to $4,100.00.  The vehicle needs: oil pan seal, gaskets, tires, glow plugs, oil leak fixed, exhaust system and air box replaced plus a few other small items we can do our self. The labor is the biggest factor of the repair bill, due the engine needs to be dropped to fix the oil leak and for the glow plug replacement. We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit and all donations are TAX deductible.


Any amount will help, so please pass this on to anyone you feel can help. Those that donate to us will receive a donation letter in the mail or by email.



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We just was donated a second ambulance, ** click here ** to see it..


Here are some photos of our donated ambulance that we're going to use as a Rescue Squad


1997 Ford Ambulance

Side View

Read View

Inside View


As you can see the unit is in great shape. We will not need a paint job, no signs of rust. We just need to get this engine work done so it will start. We have a shop that will do the lettering for us at no charge.




Rampart Search and Rescue was donated this ambulance from a local fire department in June 2014. Our plans are to make this into a Rescue Squad and Squad 51 will be it's call sign. The fire department was getting a grant to purchase this units replacement and as things go,  the unit that has the most problems is the one that needs to go. Can not fault them for that. However with us desperately needing this unit, but struggling to make ends meet every year we have managed to do it. In this case we have $4,000 in the bank, with $2,500 of that was a grant we received this spring and it needs to be use before the end of the year on that project. We also have a repeater site rental of $1,200 due in November 2014. We also have our liability insurance payment $900 due in January '15, our monthly phone bill, etc. So as you can see we can not get this fixed at this time. It's been sitting at the dealership since July '14 and currently will not start, so it will need to be towed if we do not get this work done soon. If we tow the ambulance, it will need to stored and we hate to see what that will cost plus the tow bill.


We do not receive any government funding, all of our funding comes from donations, selling our T-Shirts and Dunk Tank receipts at the county fair.

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