Community Call to Action


We need your help with the repair of our ambulance we're going to use as a Squad and rehab unit.

Please go to this link below to learn more about this special help. 

*** We need your help (link***



We do not have any paid staff, we are all volunteers and even take vacation time to search for lost persons. We're not looking for a hand out, but we are looking for help in keeping the group going. For example in 2013 it took over $25k for: insurance, radios, training classes, equipment and the list goes on. We do several fundraisers every year to keep the group going.  Would you be willing to help? Any amount would be great...!

All funds stay in Colorado, no national percent going outside of Colorado. No overhead to pay for... 100% goes to the rescue team.

Corporate Donations

Any corporation that are looking for a good cause to help, we are it...


Donate through PayPal


You can donate to RSAR by Pay Pal without being a member of PayPal.