The Bike Team was created in 2015, the team was first utilized during the Blazing Bullets and Seam May10k/5k Runs earlier that year. That same year at the Adams County Fair (pictured below) was a major event for the bike team, the County Fair added several new venues that covered more area of the county fair grounds. This is a better fit in that the bike team can cover more area in a short time.  


What we do

The mission for RSAR's Bike Team is to do a hasty search, get around faster than on foot, look for lost persons. They also are very helpful during 10k and 5k runs in the county. With the County Parks adding more events each year their requirements and special application will be growing over the years to come. 


The Bike Division

Some of the training our Response Team receive: Map reading, 2-way radio communications, First Aid, CPR, tornado spotting, down power wires, basic USAR, K9 handler, building search procedures, traffic control, helicopter safety, loading a helicopter ambulance, landing zone safety/prep, grid search, skid car, rail road derailment, rail road grade crossing safety, dealing with other agencies, swift water rescue, down aircraft search, direction finding (DF), flood rescue and monitoring, basic emergency medical services, field evacuations and much more.


Photos of our units in action


Bike Team




How can I join?

  • Click on Membership page from the drop down link and down load the application in PDF format.
  • Fill out an application and mail it to us.
  • Come one of our business meetings. They are held at the Adams County Sheriff's Office Sub Station 4201 East 72nd Ave (corner of Colorado Blvd and 72nd in Commerce City) on the second floor on the third Wed of the month at 7:00 P.M.